Spartan Race Obstacles

Move Your Way to a Better You

Our obstacles make Spartan Race special, and have been painstakingly perfected to test your courage, strength, and determination.


Spear Throw

The SPEAR THROW is our trademark obstacle that embodies the Spartan ethos and spirit. This obstacle is the most difficult challenge that athletes face requiring a steady hand and a strong arm. Spartans get one attempt to throw the spear and have it stick. Don't succumb to the pressure...Spartan UP!

Barbed Wire Crawl

The BARBED WIRE CRAWL is the ultimate test of Spartan endurance. This obstacle requires athletes to crawl on their hands, feet, and knees using any technique to get from one end to the other under the wire. Spartan pros all agree on one thing: get through quickly. Stay low, crawl fast!

Tyrolean Traverse

The TYROLEAN TRAVERSE is a challenging test of Spartan upper body strength and core stability. This obstacle requires athletes to travel across a free space between two points on a single rope without touching the ground and RING THE BELL.



TWISTER is a dynamic test of Spartan upper body, core, and grip strength. Every hold presents a challenge as it spirals above every athlete attempting to get from one end to the other and RING THE BELL. This is a menacing beast, but absolutely doable.

Monkey Bars

The MONKEY BARS is a classic exercise that will bring back childhood memories. A simple but understated obstacle that will test even the strongest athlete as they attempt to RING THE BELL. Once your feet leave the ground a Spartan is committed to conquering this dark horse.

Rope Climb

The ROPE CLIMB is no longer the same as your 4th-grade gym class. It will be a test of Spartan strength, skill, and determination. This obstacle favors a Spartan who has the drive to overcome physical barriers by finding a way to RING THE BELL. Perseverance will keep you from doing burpees.

Wall Climb

The WALL CLIMB is a challenge all Spartans can overcome. Whether attacking the wall at a full sprint or taking your time to hoist yourself up and over the wall, the climb is a great introduction to Spartan's obstacles and what you'll see on race day.


OLYMPUS is a monumental test of a Spartan, demanding peak grip and core strength. This obstacle requires athletes to climb across from one end to the other using several different handholds and RING THE BELL. Once your feet leave the ground you’ll be committed to conquering the Mountain of the Gods.

Inverted Wall

The INVERTED WALL is a formidable challenge 'pitching' Spartan upper body strength against gravity. As if going over a vertical wall isn't challenging enough, this obstacle requires athletes to go over an inverted pitched wall. Spartan's with good mobility and agility are often the most successful.

A-frame Cargo

The A-FRAME CARGO is an iconic test of Spartan agility and speed. This obstacle requires good control as athletes ascend and descend a cargo net. Careful hand and foot placement will make you the fastest Spartan on the day, as every Spartan will be successful in conquering this challenge.


The MULTI-RIG is a tough test of Spartan upper body and grip strength. It requires intense concentration and momentum as athletes swing underneath from one end to the other and RING THE BELL. Conquering this intimidating task will keep you out of the burpee pit.

Ape Hanger

The APE HANGER is one of the most difficult tests for Spartans. It requires the toughest of athletes to climb a rope and then cross a suspended ladder using only your hands and RING THE BELL. Conquering this animal will separate you from the pack. You will get wet!


Hercules Hoist

The HERCULES HOIST is a mythic test of not only Herculean strength but of Spartan grit. This obstacle places a unique demand on the body requiring athletes to raise heavy loads with a rope. A strong Spartan mind is the key to conquering this immense task. Drop it and you'll earn 30 burpees.

Atlas Carry

The ATLAS CARRY is a pure test of Spartan strength. This challenging obstacle requires athletes to lift a heavy round stone and walk from one end to another, and carry it back to the start. The task is simple, but conquering this titan is a challenge all Spartans must overcome.

Plate Drag

The PLATE DRAG is a heavy burden all Spartans must carry. It will test upper, core, and lower body strength. This challenging obstacle requires athletes to pull or drag a heavy weighted sled across the ground from one point to another.

Bucket Carry

The BUCKET CARRY is one of the most difficult challenges in Spartan. This obstacle tests Spartan strength and endurance as athletes’ march a loop carrying a heavy bucket. It is not an easy task as a few challenges need to be overcome. Finding the right hold is critical to getting this done quickly.


Spartan Race UK & Ireland is innovating obstacle course racing on a global scale. With 200+ races around the world – we offer a variety of challenges each escalating in distance, obstacle count and challenge level. The Spartan Sprint (5K, 20 obstacles), the Spartan Super (10K, 25 obstacles) and Spartan Beast (21K, 30 obstacles). Courses are riddled with signature obstacles: mud, barbed wire, walls, rope and fire. Challenge yourself to complete all three and become a part of a tribe we call the TRIFECTA tribe.