Are you ready to join us?

Spartan is a community that inspires you to seek your best self. We conquer life’s obstacles, push past our comfort zone, and support each other doing it.

Inside each of us is a Spartan. It’s how we have survived and thrived. That natural, human instinct that emerges when we put down our smartphones and go for a run in the woods. In moments of adversity, it kicks into action and gives us strength.

Call it a conscience, call it a drive, call it that renegade voice inside, but we call it Spartan. It tells us to get up in the morning with purpose. It dares us to go past our comfort zone. It’s a relentless pounding in our chests and an insatiable appetite for knowledge.

No matter who you are, where you came from or what you do for a living, there’s a Spartan inside of you. Our mission is to help you connect back to that resilient warrior within. This community will empower you to change your life for the better. We work hard, eat well, and never stop learning. We push each other to be the best versions of ourselves through camaraderie and competition. Will you join us?

The Origins of Spartan

It all started in the Green Mountains of Vermont when Spartan founder, Joe De Sena, became increasingly aware that humans are missing a critical component in the modern world. As we took steps forward technologically, holistic health took a step backward. Life is getting “easier”, but as a result, people are becoming overweight, depressed, lonely and less self-sufficient.

Inspired by the warrior society of ancient Sparta, he set out to create a community of Spartans who push and inspire each other. Our Spartan obstacle courses seek to manufacture adversity, which then trains your body and mind to overcome obstacles on the course and in your everyday lives. Spartans develop a resilient spirit, a capable body and mind, all supported and driven by an incredible community.

After our first obstacle course race in 2010, Spartan has grown to 250+ annual events across 42+ countries.

The Rise of Spartan

Spartan is a rapidly growing tribe. Over 8 million people have crossed a Spartan finish line and each year that number grows. Our mission is to transform 100 million lives and we are well on our way.

Spartan is on the road to becoming an Olympic sport, which we are particularly passionate about as both Spartan warriors, Spartan mindset, and Olympics were born out of Ancient Greece. In our biased opinion, we think obstacle course racing is the true test of athleticism as it requires full body strength, mental focus, endurance and grit.

The strength of the Spartan tribe lies in the sheer number, diversity, and principles of our members. Spartans share a mindset and the willpower to push further. Some people are at the beginning of their fitness journey and some are elite athletes, but both are equally Spartans. This resilient, friendly, motivating community is extremely inclusive and welcomes all.

How Spartans Eat

Spartan nutrition is all about getting back to the basics. What you eat fuels your mind, body, and spirit. It is up to you to choose the fuel that keeps you operating at your best.

We remind ourselves, “you only get one mind and body, don’t pollute it.” Eat more real, whole foods. Less processed foods, and focus on what you need rather than what you want. Eat like the Spartans did back in 431 BC. If you can’t find it in nature, you shouldn’t be eating it.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Start by incorporating more natural foods into your diet slowly while steadily eliminating processed foods (bread, cereals, cookies, pastas, frozen dinners, alcohol, and the like). If you eat meat, opt for grass-fed beef and organically grown chicken. If you slowly transition yourself from processed foods to real food, you’ll have a much easier time of it. We’re here to support you.

Remember less is more. Less ingredients, less food, less drinking. Food is 75% of the equation to being fit, healthy, and happy.

How Spartans Train

At Spartan we train the whole body. In order to get through an obstacle course you have to run, jump, crawl, climb and carry. We incorporate all of these elements into our training to create a well-built, efficient body (the structure that the ancient Spartans preached). We don’t believe in shortcuts or easy fixes, just hard work. And we have fun doing it.

The Spartan system works like no other. We hold you accountable with your training. Once a race date is on your calendar, it forces you to show up and put in the work. Training for a Spartan Race gives purpose to workouts and motivates you to push farther. No matter your fitness level, just start and watch what happens!

Training for one race and going back to the couch doesn’t work, so Spartan encourages you to keep pushing beyond your comfort zone. Start by training for a 3-mile Sprint, progress to an 8-mile Super and then capture a 13-mile Beast medal. You will completely overhaul your habits and build hundreds of new relationships with like-minded people. The real magic and change happens outside your comfort zone. And for most of us, that’s out on the race course.

How Spartans Think

The mind and body are one! To push your limits on the Spartan course, you need to be in tune with your physical self and your mental self. When it comes to endurance, grit, and overall success, more than half of it is in your mind. You have to believe you can do it. You have to confront your fears, conquer your doubts, and tell your body to keep moving. Our motto is you’ll know at the finish line—the rewards will be worth it.

At Spartan, all of our training has a mental component. Our philosophy is based on it. When we create adversity in our training, it makes us tougher. It helps us appreciate what we have and where we are in life. It completely changes our frame of reference and makes us better at dealing with life’s obstacles.

When you leave a Spartan Race you’re not going to complain about the little things in life because compared to the challenges you’ve faced, they’re nothing. When the elevator goes out at work, you won’t mind because you’re already taking the stairs. When everyone is complaining about the weather, you’re not phased, because you’re more resilient, flexible, and can overcome adversity.