Top Tips To Ace Your Spartan Kids Race
by Spartan Editors in partnership with Libbie Joyce & Happy Monkey Drinks • May 28th, 2023

From Junior to Elite, follow Libbie Joyce’s journey and learn how to ace your race.

Libbie has been racing with Spartan since she was nine years old, progressing through the age categories. In her bid to race across Europe this season she has secured the support of Spartan Kids Official Hydration partner Happy Monkey Drinks.

‘Here at Happy Monkey Drinks we are all for encouraging kids to get active and are firm believers in healthy bodies, healthy minds. We’ve witnessed Libbie’s dedication and determination to achieve her goals in Spartan racing and are thrilled to support her on her journey into adult racing. If anyone knows what it takes to ‘ace a race’, Libbie does!’

Simon Gray, Head of Communications at Happy Monkey Drinks.

Libbie’s Top Tips to Ace Your Race:

  1. Drink lots of water the day before you race. If you like something with more flavour, then Happy Monkey Drinks are perfect too.

  2. Early to bed on race day eve. A good night’s sleep is really important. I always make sure I sleep in the car when I’m travelling.

  3. Be sure to have a good breakfast on the morning of your race. My favourite is porridge with a banana. 

  4. When you arrive on site, try to walk the course and look at the obstacles so you know what's to come. 

  5. It’s important to always warm up before a race to avoid injury.

     I normally do my running drills:-

    • Sprint for 100 meters, on the way back do dynamic moves like lifting your knees high

    • Sprint again this time on the way back, skip or do lunges  

    • Next, sprint, slow run and repeat a few times

    • Finally stretch your muscles out

Follow Libbie’s Spartan race progress this year on Instagram  @libbie_ocr

(U13’s require parental consent)

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