We are delighted to announce that BrewDog has officially joined Spartan and Tough Mudder as the official finisher drink, AROO to that!

The beer bravehearts are welcomed back with open muddy arms, with Matt Brooke (Managing Director of Tough Mudder and Spartan) saying “We are delighted to partner with BrewDog and we can’t wait to share the hoppy moments with Spartans and Mudders this season”.

How do I get my free beer?

We’ll nip your burning question straight in the bud. BrewDog will be bringing beer to the course.

This year, Spartans can look forward to a Lost Lager greeting them at the finish line, after they’ve conquered the course.

After smashing your race, battling obstacles and smashing your PB there’s nothing like a cold well deserving pint to greet you at the finish line.

Getting thirsty already? Lock in your place and we’ll get the beers on ice, ready for you. Sign up now.

Finisher Drink
2023 Season

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