Recover Effectively with Westlab

It’s no secret that when you sign up for a Spartan you’re about to enter a world of endurance and be pushed to your physical and mental limits. What you may not know though, is that there’s an additional friend to help support your body through the event and out the other side. That friend is Magnesium.

Westlab salts are abundant in this wonder mineral, that helps with over 300 processes within the body - but is especially key to muscle recovery, injury prevention, sleep and relaxation.

And the best news is that one of the most efficient ways to absorb Magnesium is relaxing in the bath.

So how does this work?

A normal 20 minute bath provides general relaxation from the warmth of the water and some time to yourself. But that’s about it.
However, if you boost your bath with Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate), not only does it help relax your mind and body further, but it also helps reduce the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that you’re likely to experience in the days following the event.

Epsom Salts work by their unique combination of Magnesium and Sulphate which are absorbed into the body. The Magnesium keeps muscles relaxed and reduces stiffness, while the Sulphate helps flush away toxins.
Don’t have a bath? A foot soak is a great solution instead. Just add the salts to a bowl of warm water and relax your aching feet for around 20 minutes while your body replenishes.

Why use Westlab Pure Epsom Salts?

The key for an event such as Spartan is the amount of Epsom Salts you require post event. You’re going to lose a significant amount of Magnesium during the race as Magnesium isn’t made by the body, and is used up more quickly during exercise and perspiration. Your body therefore needs an intense hit to help it recover effectively.

Professional athletes use a full 1kg bag in the bath after an event. There’s no point playing around with a couple of handfuls. Epsom Salts with added fragrance and additives simply cant be used in such large amounts as Westlab pure Epsom salts, and you just wont experience the same results. Plus you can be assured that Westlab only uses the highest quality pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts, which are safest in large volumes.

Feel free to add along some bubble bath or oils if you want a more spa like experience though – you may be up for a bit of a pamper too after all that mud and sweat.

Advice from the Pro

Amy Williams MBE is no stranger to endurance. She achieved victory as Britain’s first Gold Medal winner in an individual event for 30 years, and was the first victory by a woman for 58 by travelling at 92mph in the women’s skeleton. She has since undergone survival challenges in the extreme temperatures of both the Arctic and Africa. Now a personal trainer, Amy highly recommends regularly bathing in Westlab Epsom Salts after intense exercise. Her top tip? Additional stretching during the bath - especially hamstrings and glutes. So why not give that a try too? Remember to keep it gentle though, don’t overdo it.