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Whether you’re new to OCR or deep in the game, there’s one often-overlooked secret to success—beyond hustling weight reps or crushing HIIT workouts—that you must incorporate into your training: a well-rounded nutrition plan. Spartan nutrition is all about getting back to the basics. What you eat fuels your mind, body, and spirit. It is up to you to choose the fuel that keeps you operating at your best. Remember less is more. Less ingredients, less food, less drinking.


Our writers cut through the junk out there to bring you the best fitness training information that’s been proven by the Spartan Community. We don’t believe in shortcuts or easy fixes, just hard work. And we have fun doing it. We will be supplying you with information on how to become the fittest version of yourself, along with some specific Spartan-related training tips to help you conquer your next race.


If you think you're only working your muscles when crawling under barbed wire, climbing monkey bars, and carrying a bucket, think again. You're testing your mental capacity, as well. The mind and body are one! To push your limits on the Spartan course, you need to be in tune with your physical self and your mental self. Our in-house Doctors and Lifestyle Coaches are on hand to help you confront your fears, conquer your doubts, and tell your body to keep moving.


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